How to fix being stuck in WordPress maintenance mode

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

– The WordPress maintenance mode

This message will automatically appear on your website when you update your plugins, themes, or WordPress.

Normally, this so-called “WordPress maintenance mode” disappears after the updates are completed. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that the maintenance mode is still there even after the updates are done and your website therefore is not reachable.

Since you can no longer log into the backend, it is easy to lose your head. But don’t worry, your website isn’t gone and this bug is quickly fixed.

Fortunately, it is very easy to exit maintenance mode. All you need is this guide and your FTP credentials.

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7 classic WordPress errors and how to solve them

Although WordPress is an incredibly useful and well thought-out content management system, there often are the same problems. Especially if you spend a lot of time using WordPress, you will eventually find yourself confronted with one of these classic WordPress problems.

But don’t worry, most of the time the solutions are very easy to implement, you just have to know how. I’ll explain to you in this article how you can easily fix 7 classic WordPress errors. So if you find a mistake, don’t turn it around, just take a breath, get a fresh coffee, and fix the error 🙂

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How to increase the PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

To explain the PHP memory limit easily, I have to put it into a comparison: you can imagine it in the same way as your computer’s memory.

It indicates how much memory a script can use and it has absolutely nothing to do with your storage space, which is filled with your images, for example!

Since WordPress & plugins are based on PHP, this PHP Memory Limit is very important for smooth operations on your WordPress site.

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5 WordPress investments under 100€ you won’t regret!

I’ve spend a fair amount of money on WordPress plugins, themes and hosters.

Many of those were a total waste of money. Others did not work as expected and promised and some only had the same functions as free plugins…

But of course there are a few plugins which really paid off. I use those plugins either for myself or for my clients

I want to prevent you from throwing money out the window for crap plugins that don’t work and only test your patience.

In my humble opinion these are the five best investments under 100€ to really do help your WordPress website.

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How to remove IP addresses from WordPress comments to be GDPR compliant

Storing the IP address of commenting users on your WordPress website is not longer an option with the GDPR in place. Even before it wasn’t recommended…

You and me both know that the IP address in its dynamic form is not necessarily a personalized data. Especially in Europe for private households and small businesses there are mostly dynamic IP Addresses used.

But well, any discussion on that is useless since the legislators in the EU don’t seem to even understand the tiniest bit how the internet works.

So to be GDPR compliant I will show you in this article:

  • two ways how to prevent the IP address from being stored
  • how to get rid of any previously stored IP addresses

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50+ WordPress Shortcuts that safe you a lot of time!

When writing an article your hands are usually on the keyboard right?

So why should you take one hand off and switch to your mouse just to make your next words bold or italic?

Sure that does not take a lot of time but if you add up the time for every keyboard to mouse movement while writing long articles, you will definitely spend more time on this than you want to.

Luckily there is an awesome and easy alternative:

You can use keyboard shortcuts to format your text without ever having to touch the mouse again! (well actually to publish your article you will need to)

I guess you already know the “CTRL + C” and “CTRL + V” shortcuts to copy a marked text and paste it. But did you know that additionally to these conventional shortcuts there are many more WordPress specific ones to keep you from having to use your mouse?

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