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Schema Pro review – dominate the search results

Schema Pro review – dominate the search results

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and you need to keep up with the changes if you want to rank your website.

One of the more recently introduced changes is the rich snippet that is created by adding Schema markup to your website. (Don’t worry, it sounds much more complicated than it really is)

Have you ever wondered how these websites got their snippets (the preview of the website) filled with more information than usual results?

Featured snippets with ratings and detailed information like calories per serving.

In this article, we will look at how you can give your website a chance to get those added information in the google snippets to grab the users’ attention. 

What is Schema markup?

Schema.org was created in collaboration with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Schema is simply a data type.

The main purpose of it is to make it easier for search engines to understand the content of your website. It helps them offer better search results for search queries. 

Schema Pro is a plugin that helps you generate Schema markup for your website.

It helps search engines understand your website’s structure by generating optimized Schema markup for your website.  It will generate a snippet that search engines recognize and show in search results.

With the Schema markup you can add extra information for:

  • events
  • videos
  • articles
  • recipes
  • reviews
  • courses
  • and many more

That may not necessarily mean higher rankings but since your search results have better information and are more attention-grabbing, it may mean an improvement in the click-through rate. 

Schema markup holds significant weight for search engine rankings. Plugins that create Schema markup do nothing more than adding important code to your website.

Rich snippets are dependent on the search engine and the Schema code. The content of your website and authority will continue to be an important ranking factor.

However not having Schema will mean a lower chance at having your website snippet shown with Schema markup. 

Schema Pro* plugin overview

Schema Pro website header

There are several plugins available for adding Schema markup to your WordPress website. However, you need to be careful when choosing one.

Using the wrong plugin that does not generate optimized schema markup can make your SEO efforts go down the drain. 

The Schema Pro plugin* is highly recommended by many SEO experts and I use it myself on this and many of my clients websites.

The highlight feature of the plugin is it lets you add schema markup with very little coding knowledge. You simply need to choose the type of Schema and select the posts and pages that you want to markup. Additionally you can exclude pages that should not have added markup.

Your website will probably already have some data, schema pro will allow you to link existing content and add fields such as author, date, title, category, and image. 

Often, schema plugins will create new content and add schema markup to the new content. This will usually be in the form of a review box along with schema details.

The Schema Pro plugin takes a different route.

It adds schema markup to your existing content and no new content such as a review box is generated. This is done by mapping your existing content to custom fields. 

There are 13 different schema types that you can choose from. Each different type of schema is explained in the image below. The plugin’s developers promise to add more as Google supports new types. 

Schema pro supports 13 Schema markup types
These are the Schema markup types that Schema Pro supports

Getting started with the plugin is easy. After installation, you will have access to a guided setup wizard that will help you configure basic schema settings for your website. 

Schema Pro wizard screenshot
The Schema Pro wizard helps you to easily create your Schema markup

Schema Pro* exclusive features

In my opinion, the most powerful feature of Schema Pro is that after the initial setup it automatically adds the Schema markup to your pages, posts, products and more.

You don’t have to add the data manually on every post which is a huge timesaver.

Additionally, most of the free Schema plugins do not work well with custom fields.

Schema Pro is completely compatible with Advanced Custom Fields so you can automatically fill out Schema markup with data from your custom fields.

The plugin is brilliant for giving your website a striking look in the search results.

The design of your rich snippet is decent and makes your website look elegant while capturing the user’s attention. If you can capture attention, your click-through rate increases, which gives your SEO efforts added benefits.

Websites with higher click through rates in search results are seen as credible by search engines. Schema Pro can, therefore, create higher rankings just by improving the design of your rich snippet. 

The Schema Pro plugin allows you to show ratings, costs, features, and much more relevant information. Your search results without schema markup will most likely be a heading and short description. 

The plugin also allows people to vote and aggregates votes to get an average ranking. This feature can be disabled though. 

Multiple content types are supported by the plugin including pages, posts and any custom post types that you may have. 

The latest update by google requires the implementation of JSON-LD technology. The plugin fulfills this requirement with its latest update. The code generated by the plugin is clean and well optimized. 

Schema Pro* pricing

When compared to other schema plugins, Schema pro is worth the investment and affordable.

Yeah I know, there are free plugins available to add Schema markup. But this is one of the cases where I prefer a premium plugin that is always up to date with the newest changes in Googles Schema requirements.

There are two different licenses for the plugin. You can get a yearly license or a lifetime license. And there is also an agency bundle.

The yearly license costs $79 while the lifetime license costs $249.

If you want to use more than just the Schema Pro plugin, there are some added benefits of getting the agency bundle. It costs $249 per year or $699 for a lifetime agency bundle license. The agency plan comes with the Astra theme, Starter sites, and a bundle of premium plugins.

Schema Pro plugin pricing

How to check if Schema markup is working

Schema markup is not visible on the front-end of your website. You might now be wondering how to check if schema markup is added correctly and working? 

You could check your website’s HTML code, but that is a daunting task and you may still not get a complete picture.

Luckily Google offers a free tool for schema markup check. https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool 

When you input the URL of one of your pages the tool will scan through your website and the results will show if your website has schema markup or not. It will also show if the schema markup is done properly. 

Schema test tool by Google
Test your Schema markup with the free Google structured data test tool

In my opinion…

I hope you see the usefulness of schema markup and the Schema Pro plugin* as I do. Whether you are just starting out with your website or have an already established online presence, Schema pro will only add value for you.

And the best is, it does so almost completely automatically!

I highly recommend the Schema Pro plugin* for your website to skyrocket your clicks in the Google search results!

In summary Schema Pro is an excellent plugin for adding schema markup without coding knowledge. Adding schema markup without a misplaced review or sticky box is also a neat trick that the plugin has up its sleeve. 

Do you use a plugin for Schema markup on your website? I am looking forward to your comment!

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