5 WordPress investments under 100€ you won’t regret!

5 WordPress investments under 100€ you won’t regret!

I’ve spend a fair amount of money on WordPress plugins, themes and hosters.

Many of those were a total waste of money. Others did not work as expected and promised and some only had the same functions as free plugins…

But of course there are a few plugins which really paid off. I use those plugins either for myself or for my clients

I want to prevent you from throwing money out the window for crap plugins that don’t work and only test your patience.

In my humble opinion these are the five best investments under 100€ to really do help your WordPress website.

These five investments are worth their weight in gold

If you want to do something good for your WordPress site and plan your next investments, be sure to include these five ideas in your considerations.

All of the plugins are tested by me personally and in current use on one of mine or my clients websites. I can recommend them 100%!

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is probably the most popular premium caching plugin for WordPress and really turns the load time of your website up a notch!

Its popularity stems from the many possibilities you have with the plugin. It unites the power of multiple plugins and despite that is easy to use.

Thanks to the reduced load time that comes with WP Rocket, not only are your site visitors happy, but also Google & Co reward a short load time with better rankings.

Besides the classic caching (which WP does outstandingly and much better than most other plugins) you can activate lazy loading for your images. That means, the images are not loaded until they enter the viewport.

Additionally WP Rocket offers a compression of HTML, CSS and JS files and optimizes Google Fonts. Multilingual websites are of course supported as well.

🚀WP Rocket is the best plugin for caching and loading speed optimization.

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Schema Pro*

schema pro black friday angebot

With Schema Pro, you can do a lot for the search engine optimization and espacially the click through rate of your website.

In my opinion the greatest thing about this plugin is that you can do all that in just ten minutes. 

Yes, it is that easy!

Schema Pro helps you to implement microdata in your website.

In easy words, microdata gives labels to individual content pieces to inform search engines about what the content is. That helps Google and the others to highlight a website with cool visual features in the search results.

The advantage of this is that the page preview takes more room and stands out. Thus, more searchers click on the page and provide more traffic.

Here is an example of a website snippet (website preview in the search results) that has been enriched with microdata for ratings.

Mikrodaten Bewertung in den SERPs
Thanks to microdata by Schema Pro* the ratings can be seen in the search results

There are lots of different microdata to be used with Schema Pro:

  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Services & Products
  • Recipes
  • Courses
  • Books
  • Events
  • and many more…

The greatest fact about this plugin and I can’t stretch it enough, is that it is super easy to use and is equipped with a lot of simple tutorials to follow.

I promise you, with Schema Pro everyone can add microdata to a website and thusly improve its click rate in the Google search results.

🖊️ Schema Pro* is the right plugin to take your websites SEO to another level and improve the click rate in the search results.

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CSS Hero*

css hero black friday angebot

Have you ever wanted to customize the color of an element on your website? Or the size of different texts?

For all that you need the language CSS. With CSS you can edit the design of all elements within a website.

Well, but what if I told you there is a way to edit the design without learning this “CSS”-thing?

Thanks to the plugin CSS Hero* you can edit pretty much everything regarding the design of your website. You can edit background-colors, font sizes, borders and anything else you’d like.

I prefer to use this plugin for my clients that want to edit the design of website elements themselves and don’t know CSS.

With CSS Hero* you just click on the element you would like to edit and the CSS Hero interface allows you to change any parameter you want with just a click!

🦸‍♂️CSS Hero* is your superhero-plugin to edit the design of any element you would like with just a few clicks and without knowing CSS! 

🔥 CSS Hero* →

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin*

The AAWP* plugin is one of the most popular Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, with good reasons. I use it on one of my affiliate-websites with great success.

The plugin makes it really easy for you to add Amazon products with your affiliate links to your website. Of course you can not only add text links but also product boxes, product images and almost automatically generated comparison tables.

You can configure the product boxes and adjust them to your vision. 

AAWP* lets you configure the embedded boxes and customize them to your needs. In my opinion, it is the best Amazon affiliate plugin on the market, as it not only provides a simple and clear presentation of the products, but also saves a lot of time

💰AAWP* makes it easy to add Amazon products with your affiliate link and style! 

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Thrive Leads & Thrive Architect

For me, Thrive is one of the best (if not the best) WordPress plugin creators.

Thrive Architect* is one of the most popular and easy-to-use page builders for WordPress. With it you can create pages, posts and landing pages in no time and benefit from a large selection of high quality templates.

I truly think Thrive Architect* is the best page builder for WordPress because it offers many possibilities, but still has a simple user interface.

In addition, Thrive offers the plugin Thrive Leads*. Like Thrive Architect this plugin is awesome because of the simple interface in combination with the possibilities.

This plugin makes it easy to create different opt-in types on your website and, of course, connect them to your newsletter service.

For example, you can insert a so-called ribbon, which will make an opt-in with a short text appear at the top of your website. Or how about an opt-in that automatically appears within all your articles? There is so many possibilities how to add opt-ins to your website!

Thrive Leads* offers you everything you need to gain subscribers to your email list in different ways. And even the creation of A / B split-tests is very easy!

📦 Der Thrive Architect* is the perfect page builder for your website!
📧 Thrive Leads* helps you gain more subscribers to your e-mail list!

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